I can’t recall a time when art was not leading me through this strange beautiful world.  A friend, confidant, and guardian, Imagination has been the web connecting every moment. I feel like I was born with a camera in my hand (because they have become a physical extension) but the reality is photography has been more of a constant friend. I can go years with out speaking to photography only to reunite with a stronger more powerful connection. The past few years hardly a day goes by when I don’t take a photo, research, learn, or edit.

I studied English literature (in which I received my second bachelor of art degree) while living and working as a waitress in Minneapolis,MN. I arrived at Literature late and have stayed a long time. particularly drawn to American Southern Gothic and Romanticism. I am deeply moved by magical realism and the gritty lyric beauty of the haunted south. I strive to express literary themes in my own art and often find my photography parallels the book I am currently engaged in.

The United States is a complex myriad of polarizing ideals sewn together by indistinct interpretations of Freedom. In my work I seek to explore what it means to be a human and a woman weaving her way through the American landscape using critical theory as a theoretical lens and a camera as the literal. My work  lives and transforms as I do and addresses such themes as beauty, sorrow, socio economic disparity, anxiety, body dysmorphia, environmentalism, love, death, heartbreak, and friendship, as they manifest in my existence.

I am a surrealist. I am a Romantic. I am a documentarian. I am a woman. I am an artist.

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